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Peru Profundo has been built up on a solid foundation of family, tradition and experience. Since 2002, we have been proud to share Peruvian culture and traditions with Chicago and nationally through dance,song, video and storytelling.

Administrators & Primary Dancers

Carmen A. Mejia - Director

Carmen is a Master dance teacher and director of Peru Profundo who was born in Lima but raised in the northern province of Piura. Her dance experience began in high school where she was taught Andean and Afro-Peruvian dances such as Festejo, Huaylarsh, Huayno, Marinera Nortena and Tondero. Carmen performed in local festivals and shows representing her school. After moving to Chicago, Carmen joined a Columbian dance troupe which introduced Carmen to a Peruvian dance troupe called "Peru Folklorico" directed by Mrs. Vilma Buleje. In the 80's "Peru-Folklorico" was the only performing Peruvian folkdancing group in Chicago. She currently works as a Social Worker specializing in Foster Care services and has a Master's in Pastoral Counseling from the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. Carmen returns to Peru to offer her service, observe dance traditions and collect hundreds of folk artifacts and costumes from Catacaos, Piura, Cajamarca and Lima. She is also exteremely involved in the Peruvian community here in Chicago through her work with the Peruvian Consulate, The AIPEUC, Saint Ignatius Parish and the Peruvian Arts Society. Carmen was selected a winner of the TUMI USA award in 2012.

Kathy Sarden~a - Choreographer/Dancer

Kathy is one of the co-founders, co-directors and lead choreographers for Peru Profundo. She was born in Chicago but raised in Lima. There, she began dancing festejos when she was three at family parties in Chorrillos. She is currently an elementary dual language teacher at District 59 but proudly worked for nine years in CPS. She has an MA from Columbia College Chicago and an MAT from National Louis University. Tia Carmen always prodded her to formally learn Peruvian dancing after seeing her dance a festejo at the University of Illinois in Urbana but it wasn't until she spent six months in Piura, Peru teaching ESL that she truly felt inspired to learn. In 2002 she applied for an Illinois Arts Ethnic Arts grant and was awarded one to learn Festejo, Lando and Tondero from Carmen. In 2008 she was awarded a teacher travel fellowship to receive dance instruction from master teachers in Lima, Piura and Cuzco from the Chicago Fund for Teachers.

Hildebrando Alcazar - Instructor/Dancer

Hildebrando "Brando" Alcazar was born in the province of Angaraes, which is a district of the Lircay department of Huancavelica in southern Peru. In his hometown, people traditionally dance Huayno, Marinera Serrana and Carnavales. Brando learned to dance watching his mother and her friends dance at festivals and local community gatherings. Brando is fluent in Spanish, English and Quetchua. Over 30 years ago, Brando began performing infront of audiences as a pioneer in Peruvian dance in Chicago. Brando and his mom-Mrs. Irene U. de Alcazar- were the first to perform Andean dances at cultural gatherings. Like Carmen, Brando belonged to the dance group directed by Mrs. Vilma Buleje, Peru Folklorico. Brando is not only a talented dancer but a talented singer as well. He has been singing for the Saint Ignatius Parish Spanish choir for over 25 years. He is proud to perform with Peru Profundo.

Ronald S. - Tech

Ron has been very busy as the webmaster for Peru Profundo Dance Company. As the Company premiered in more shows, those media began to occupy the website. Building on what was currently "live", he worked on a site that was to complement the style and energy of the group while giving the visitor an educational, interactive experience though media. Born in Chicago to Filipino parents, Ron enjoys participating in a multicultural group where people of many ethnic groups gather to dance. His profession is as a IS Director at a social service organization in Chicago.

Special Thanks

Levy Senior Center, Elvis Cabrera Gastelu & Los Guapos del Centro, Jose Fernandez & Zelmy Rey Academy of Dance in Piura, Rosamaria Alvarez-Gil (CINERUNA), Maria Pappas, Cook County Treasurer.

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